Why does IDFG want to do this?

The Idaho Department of Fish and Game is proposing to spend between $8.2 – $16.5 million to build a siphon that will tap the colder deep water (hypolimnion) of Priest Lake.  The siphon, a 5-foot diameter, 7,500 – 8,000-foot pipe, would run from the headwaters of Priest River, through Match Bay, the full length of the Outlet channel and into Coolin Bay/Priest Lake, out to a depth of at least sixty feet.  The siphon would bypass 75% of the natural, existing water volume and current flow rates around this popular and highly used area and pipe it directly into Priest River.  They have stated their goal is to use the “colder water” to lower the temperature of the 45 mile-long Priest River, to encourage improved natural fish production, without the benefit of hatchery planting, creating a “high-value fishery” one that will generate $1.5 million in annual economic benefits to the local area.  

We, the stakeholders of Priest Lake, formally go on record as opposing THE PRIEST LAKE SIPHON!

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