Bonner County Board of Equalization - Getting Started

Step 1 – Call or talk to the assessor’s office (208-265-1440). Ask them why your assessment is so high. Request they provide you with the comparables they used to determine the assessed value of your land. Make sure they send you detailed information on the comparables, not just values. Also ask if a meandering line front foot measurement was used to determine the value of your lot. They can send this information via email.

Step 2 – Complete the BOE appeal form. You can download the form from Bonner County’s Website. The form asks for the comparables that they should have sent you.  You can consider listing as comparables the sales prices for lots that are in the vicinity of your lot. 

Step 3 – Make sure your BOE form is completed and delivered to the Bonner County Commissioners prior to 5:00 PM ON THE DEADLINE DATE. 

PLCOA and others who have provided appeal information make no assurances that this information will accomplish the results you desire. The information is being provided solely as a service to help you make your individual appeal. We believe the information provided to be accurate but assume no responsibility if proven otherwise. You are welcome to share this information with whoever will be representing you at your hearing.