Be a good neighbor and a better Laker

When you purchased your lot in the VAFO there are CC&R’s that you assumed when you took title of your cottage site. If you continue to lease your lot these covenants, conditions, and restrictions are part of your lease and are binding. They are recorded on your deed (or lease) with the county and were put in place to protect and preserve Priest Lake

By making you aware, we hope for less neighbor-on-neighbor conflict and development issues for you and your subdivision and a better Priest Lake.

Attaining a Bonner County building location permit or variance DOES NOT release you from the CC&R obligations you assumed when you took title to your cottage site (or signed your lease). If you have non-conforming improvements a claim against a neighbor is enforceable by law.

Below are a few examples of CONSTRUCTION STANDARDS RESTRICTIONS from Article 3, that are enforceable on any new construction, remodeling, and/or alterations done after you purchased your lot (or signed your lease) from the state.

• No More than ONE SINGLE FAMILY DWELLING on any lot
• 35’ Height restriction
• 15’ side yard setback
• 40’ set back from high water mark
• 25’ front lot line set back (from your road access)
• NO Fences
• NON-reflective roof and siding,
• Colors shall consist of: Natural earth tone colors
• Any non-conforming structures, uses of land and structures or characteristics of use that were approved by the State Land Board are permitted to continue; provided, however, non-conformities shall not be enlarged upon, expanded, or extended.

Be informed about new construction and remodels to help protect Priest Lake. The contractor you hire to perform the work may not be aware of these CC&R’s.

We are not trying to prohibit growth, only offering solutions to all the growth coming to this area. By assuring it is done in a manner that will not adversely affect the quality of Priest Lake and the Pristine area that surrounds it we ensure the qualities of Priest Lake that we all love and appreciate.

These are only some of the CC&R’s We would advise all of you to read them in their entirety. If you do not have a copy, you can download a sample CC&R here and its Addendum from here.