Priest Lake Idaho .... Idaho's Crown Jewel

Courtesy of Chandra Marley.

Once you have been to Priest Lake you’ve found a new place to love. It is SPECIAL.

The Priest Lake Cabin Owners’ Association represents over 400 cabin sites on Priest Lake and we hope more will join our effort.

This site exists to provide information about concerns that we have that could and would change Priest Lake forever. Some of these changes would be for the good and others for the bad.

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80A - 224 Cavanaugh Bay RD East - Cougar Creek 11-1

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    Yes, this is a special place. It is changing though. My family has had (leased) our property on the lake since 1954. As they say it used to be you would hear saws and hammers on the weekends when folks came up to work on their cabins. Now the noise is during the week (from contractors) and quiet (except for the cigarette boats) on the weekends. We need to make sure that our lake maintains its best qualities. There is no enforcement of the covenants/regulations (whether Bonner County’s or our VAFO deed documents we signed) available until we form HOA’s (homeowner associations). When the HOA’s are recorded, we will have power to enforce the regulations we all signed up for. Also make sure that we elect good Bonner County Commissioners (if you can vote as an Idahoan). Join the PLCOA where your dues will allow us to make sure this stays a wonderful place to live.

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